Introducing our friend OTYSEE

Our next song "City Lights" will be released on May 15 and is the result of a fruitful collaboration with artist OTYSEE; come and find out through this exciting interview he gave us!

Hello OTYSEE; can you pls introduce yourself to our readers? I am Otysee. My nationality is German and I grew up both in the northern as well as in the southern part of the country. My parents are artists, so having constantly music in the house as well as music related discussions was natural. I remember at the age of 12 while practicing drums, my father - who is a bandleader - came to me and said “Play WHAT’D I SAY.” I had to admit not knowing the song well enough. My father nod his head and introduced the song to me. I then spent the whole day working on my ride rhythm. That episode is typical for my childhood. I grew up with music influences from several generations. That unique mix shaped me as an artist and my perception of music. How would you define your musical genre and your influences? My music is a mix of modern beats infused with rhytm & blues, funk and pop. I deeply admire Stevie Ray Vaughn, BB King and Gary Clark Jr to name some influence, beat wise I really like Daft Punk, Kraftwerk and Vangelis. Pop wise John Mayer and Prince are crazy inventive. All these artist make music that resonates deeply in me with their melodies,structures and rhythm. They all have stories to tell. That is what I want to evoke with my music as well. Creating a sound that makes people forget everything and just exist within the music for the next couple of minutes. My songs all come out of emotions or feelings that I translate into music.

What drives your musical creativity? Playing and listening to music is a necessity for me. I use music to express my feelings. In fact, often it is like in a movie where a soundtrack accompanies the pictures. Take my song BLACK. I was walking late night in the city center - lights where everywhere and people where streaming around me. Suddenly I had the feeling like moving in slow motion in the middle of that scene, and the song formed in my head. So I have so much music floating in my mind. These feelings and songs need to get out, and some of these are worth to be shared with other people - and that is what drives me to make music. My Ultimate goal is to make music that give people a deep sense of what life is about. What is your creation and production process? I play several instruments - so some songs start on the guitar, some on the keyboard and some start as a rhythm. Then again, some just start as a melody in my head that I sing out. If I feel the song is worth following up, I record the audio on my phone. A few days later I listen to the recording and decide if I want to continue to explore that song. If so, I then start to translate the tune in my head into Physical music I used to play in several bands. My first band was a Stones cover band. Later with a couple of friend we formed the band ASYLUM - playing pop rock - party music that makes people dance and shout. It was fun, we played college parties, bars, smaller venues - wherever we could get a gig. But commercially we where not very successful, when our keyboarder finally gave up the band broke apart. After that I started to play solo gigs and recently I also produced my own music. Solo gigs are easy and I can be most flexible, as I am not dependent on other band members. However, I do miss the band dynamics. Therefore I began working with other artists in collaboration projects. One excellent project is with the duo Diamond Lounge.

What are your discography highlights and your coming releases? Tell us more about your recent collab with Diamond Lounge. I am very thrilled to be featured on the upcoming single from Diamond Lounge. Aaron actually reached out to me with a great rhythmic song. The moment I listened to it, a melody and its sound formed in my head. I just grabbed my electric guitar, fired up the wah wah and started to record. When I shared the stem with Aaron, we both knew that we had something great at our hands. The rest was a breeze. I am still amazed how natural everything flowed together. You can discover my discography on Spotify and other streaming Platform; the most recent release being Colors (Album) 6 Mar 2020. And the next song scheduled for release May 15 is a synthwave melody called VAPORDREAM. A song that literally came to me in a dream that started like an action movie and somehow ended mellow. Where can we discover more about you and follow you on socials? I am most active on Instagram and I also have a simple Blog; you can find here a link to all of my Socials.

Is there anything else we should know about you? My biggest gig was playing live in a soccer stadium as part of a big music festival. I will never forget that amazing feeling to be on such a huge stage. At that time I was playing drums and it was mind blowing to hear how the bass drum thundered during sound check.

Thanks OTYSEE for your this great interview and looking forward to the Release of "City Lights" on May 15.

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